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9Super7 är Speedway Motors Strombergkopior som är uppdaterade jämfört med Stromberg.  Levereras med en primär-förgasare och två sekundär-förgasare. Finns även som två förgasar uppsättning eller enkel.

Speedway Motors now offers a reproduction version of one of the most popular carburetors ever used, the original Stromberg 97! Original equipment on ’30s and ’40s cars and trucks, the Stromberg 97 has long been favored by flathead hot rodders and racers who realized the performance qualities of this timeless fuel supplier.

For years customers have been either putting up with poor idling multiple carburetor set-ups or spending hundreds of dollars converting the secondary carburetors so they did not have to idle circuits. Now Speedway Motors is offering our popular 9 Super 7® two barrel ”secondary” carburetor with all that work already done. No more wasted money!

Speedway Motors has incorporated all of the improvements shown above while maintaining the carburetor’s original look. Features such as the accelerator pump, main jets and cosmetics have all been faithfully retained. Additionally, each carburetor is individually flow tested and inspected for leaks. Perfection is the result!

Aesthetically, the 9Super7 Carb is nearly identical to the stock unit, minus the large 97 logo that appeared on the side and the patent numbers found on the float bowl area. Upgraded internal parts include; the float, needle, and seat. Jetting and power valve settings remain as they were for the original 97 carbs as well as the cfm and vacuum specs.

The other similarity that the 9 Super 7 shares with the original 97 is the setup and tuning necessary to yield a well-running machine. While perhaps not as simple as bolting on a single four-barrel, the 9 Super 7 makes setting up a multiple carburetor induction system easier than when Strombergs were available new. All that’s required is an intake, a linkage system, a Uni-Syn syncing tool, and a little patience. Be sure to include the Primary 9 Super 7 when installing multi-carb setups. Our 3 Carb kits come with one primary carburetor and two secondary carburetors while the 2 Carb kits are both primary carbs. See our Multiple Carburetor Tech Tip for more information on using the 9 Super 7 in a 2×2 or 3×2 carb set-up.

All-new tooling for crisp, flawless castings
New aluminum base assembly allows for cooler fuel temps and better fuel efficiency as compared to the original cast iron design
Stainless steel screws and hardware
Accelerator pump, and jets have all been faithfully retained and accept standard Stromberg parts
Features original Stromberg 0.97″ venturi diameter
Modern Nitrophyl float and Neoprene gaskets
Original troublesome needle and seat replaced by a Grose-style fuel inlet valve to better cope with higher fuel pressures and improved high speed running
Will not stick or dribble like the old Viton-tipped needle and seat setups
Grose-style jet valve won’t corrode in modern fuel, something the original needle and seat units can’t do
Comes with a No. 65 power valve and 0.045″ main jets, identical to the stock 97
Extended brass throttle shaft to simplify multi-carb linkage
Special base plate with no idle circuits or choke linkage
Special butterflies and shafts installed
Works best with progressive linkage
Idle only off the center or main carburetor
No more plug foul

Note:Not recommended for use with Ethanol fuels.

Features .045″ main metering jets and a number 65 power valve, which is the same as a stock 97 carb.
Replacement jet access plug gasket use # 91011542, replacement needle & seat gasket use # 91011543.
Includes base gasket.
The 9 Super 7® will operate suitably with fuel pressures ranging from 1-1/2 psi to 4 psi, with a desired setting of 2-1/2 psi to 3 psi. Fuel pressure from 4 psi to 7 psi will cause the carburetor to run excessively rich and may cause flooding. Flooding or leaks caused by excessive fuel pressure do not indicate a faulty carburetor.
There are no provisions for a vacuum advance line. Ford & Mercury engines 1949-1953 using stock distributors will need an alternative place to connect the vacuum line.
Our independent tests produced these flow numbers:
3″ of Vacuum – 60 CFM
10″ of Vacuum – 110 CFM
15″ of Vacuum – 136 1/2 CFM
28″ of Vacuum – 184 CFM

Learn more about setting up 3 x 2 carbs using the 9Super7® Carb in Street Rodder Magazine’s tech article, Speedway Motors Stromberg 97 – Tri-Power In Under An Hour.

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